Ammon Skidmore's old apps

Temporary resting place for my old Mac stuff. The best way to initiate contact with me is through twitter: @skid


LiteSwitch X

The original command-tab switcher for OS X. New version 2.8.3 (6 November 2014) fixes compatibility issues with OS X Yosemite and Mavericks.

download LiteSwitch X 2.8.3 / Release notes / List of known issues


Customizable menus in the corners of your screens. Perfect for app launching or document opening by mouse or hotkey. I still use this version on Yosemite but it could use some love.

download MaxMenus 1.6b2

Classic Mac OS

Extensions Strip

Flexible control strip module host: multiple theme-able windows that can act like menubars which host Control Strip and "Extensions Strip savvy" modules. FAT binary (68K & PPC). Supports System 7.5 through 9.2.2

download Extensions Strip 2.0b5 / B&W screenshot from a PowerBook 170 / Registration code / Old website

Trash It!

download Trash It! 3.6

Control Strip module for easy deletion of files or text via drag and drop. It can even delete stubborn files that are locked or busy. Many users have reported success deleting files with it that the Finder's trash refuses to delete.

Control Panels Strip

Originally just for quickly opening Control Panels, this Control Strip module can open, enable/disable, get info on, and even remove Control Panels, Extensions, Control Strip Modules, and Startup Items. Supports balloon help, file labels, and large icon sizes if desired. FAT binary (68K & PPC).

download Control Panels Strip 3.3.1

Other Control Strip modules

Old mirror site with the full list, but download links are broken